GenSun, as a responsible actor, participates actively in the recycling of modules being PV cycle collection point at all its bases.


Aware that the QSE policy of a company has an impact on its development and sustainability, GenSun initiated its approach to certification at a very early stage.
Since 2011, GenSun has been ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for all its design, construction and maintenance activities.

Standards & Certifications

ISO 9001 is an international standard that encourages the implementation and improvement of the efficiency of a quality management system. GenSun adheres to this policy in order to increase customer satisfaction by respecting and meeting their needs.

The AQPV "General Contractor" certification is a key reference in France for private or public project owners wishing to use operators that have all the know how necessary to design, build, exploit and maintain photovoltaic installations of all sizes at their maximum performance. The development of a photovoltaic power plant is not just a simple construction. It implies design operations upstream and supervision and maintenance operations downstream.

GenSun is one of the first three French companies having obtained the AQPV « General Contractor » certification

The QUALIFELEC qualification is given after validation of the company's aptitude to carry out its business in the field of electrical work. A real proof of the know how of a company, this qualification is given to companies that meet all the required criteria, that is to say:
    • Administrative, fiscal and social orderliness
      • Quality services (technical means, staff and qualifications)
        • References from recent work sites or works

GenSun's Commitment

GenSun takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety of its employees at work sites. A Safety Policy has been implemented and demonstrates the management's vow to honor its commitments.


ISO 14001 is an international certification standard. GenSun is committed to respecting environmental regulations, to preventing pollution and to continuing improvement, especially by controlling the impacts linked to its activity. The environmental management system is a major part of GenSun's sustainable development approach.

Recycling modules. . GenSun, as a responsible actor, actively participates in recycling modules. All GenSun Operations Bases are PV CYCLE collection centers. GenSun and PV CYCLE are committed to encouraging a sustainable photovoltaic sector. PV CYCLE, the first European association to ensure a collection and recycling system, proposes waste treatment solutions in compliance with the DEEE directive (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste) for all types of photovoltaic panels available on the market.
The thousands of panels scrapped each year present a major environmental challenge. By their constitution and long life span, photovoltaic panels must not be treated like other types of waste. They must be collected separately and need special containers. Recycling preserves natural resources (less extraction of raw materials), economizes energy (for instance, manufacturing glass from recycled glass is more energy efficient than from sand) and neutralizes the risk of pollution.
A key principle to remember: one who owns waste is responsible for its elimination (Environment Code, Book 5, Title IV). The responsibility of the waste holder ends when the modules are taken to a collection center.
GenSun's 3 Bases of Montpellier, Colomier, and Pessac serve as end-of-life modules collection centers