Photovoltaic monitoring is the cornerstone of the operation and maintenance of a solar power plant. The availability of your solar power plant depends on the performance of its monitoring. It is therefore vital that the owner of the power plant entrusts this work to an expert who has the organization, the human and material means required to conduct quality and meaningful follow ups.

GenSun offers its clients an organization that is dedicated to photovoltaic maintenance

A Network Operating Center (NOC) = Absolute serenity

365/365 day permanence, from 6 am to 9 pm, to ensure the reception and processing of alarms transmitted from the supervision system or telephone call from the client or emergency services.

Our geographical coverage ensures fast access to the power plants (5 Bases in the South of France plus one in Portugal).

The information is transmitted to us directly via GSM or Internet so we can give you a real-time analysis and ensure a rapid intervention.

GenSun uses the QOS expert solution dedicated to the performance management of photovoltaic power plants

This interface allows us to have:

Centralized and consolidated visibility of the performance of your power plant or solar park.

Maintenance management (CMMS) and associated statistics; management of Key Performance Indicators (KPI maintenance/exploitation).

Alerts are triggered on all types of parameters, thresholds, comparisons (all these criteria can be modified, parameterized).

Degraded performances from your installations are detected thanks to algorithms elaborated by the R&D department within QOS Energy (possibility to use/add other algorithms).

Interface Web 2.0: a modern tool that allows us or you to visualize the performance of your installations by our teams or by you from anywhere (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Compatibility multi-constructor, multi-energy, multi-protocol, metrology and environment probes.

Performance benchmarking of implemented solutions and equipment reliability (MTBF).

Direct access for our clients to visualize the performance of the solar power plant via a dedicated portal.

With GenSun, your photovoltaic power plant will go unnoticed for your peace of mind.