GenSun masters all the phases of a PV project. : Design, Integration/Installation/ Supervision and Maintenance.

Design Office

Our Design Office keeps a permanent technology watch in order to identify and qualify new products and solutions from manufacturers. Using the results and experience from our past designs and methods, we continually optimize the design of our plants in order to respond rapidly to the fast evolutions of the market and technology. We design plants based on best technical choices, thereby optimizing solar energy yield.
The Design Office produces the numerous documents essential to the success of the project:
- Single Line Diagrams
- Sizing computations
- Plant layouts
- Production simulations
- Full set of execution drawings
- "As Built" Documentation

Project management / Operations

The main mission of the Construction Department is to successfully carry out the commitments made by GenSun to the Project Owner outlined in the construction contract. Specialized in construction management, our Project Managers are involved just after the construction contract is signed and this until the commissioning of the photovoltaic power plant. The Project Owner has only one interlocutor during the whole project.
Our experience allows us to control and master the particular competences required for :
Turnkey works on new buildings above 1MWp:
- Horse riding centers
- Farms buildings…
Works on buildings open to the public (ERP):
- Horse riding centers
- Gymnasiums…
Works on installations classified for the protection of the environment (ICPE):
- Cooperative wineries/cellars
- Factories
Works on buildings listed as ATEX (Explosion prone Atmospheres):
- Grain silos
Public works.
Works on new private buildings :
- malls
- Positive Energy buildings…
- Coordination between the different building crafts
Works in occupied environments (most of our power plants)
Works in public areas:
- Carports

Supervision and Maintenance

We ensure smooth operation of the photovoltaic power plants so that we can guarantee our clients an optimized return on their investment.

The supervision under QOS, associated with preventive and curative maintenance of the installations, guarantees our clients optimum efficiency throughout the entire lifespan of their plants.